Mobile Lighting: An Artistic Revolution at Llum BCN 2022

In the heart of the Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona, during the event Llum BCN 2022, a work was conceived that would transform the perception of moving light in the art world. “The Ballad for a Stomach” by La Formigonera del PobleNew, a creation by renowned artist Antoni Miralda, emerged as a beacon of innovation and cultural reflection.

Miralda, in collaboration with the FoodCultura Foundation, brought this project to life during the event held from February 4 to 6. The work was not just a demonstration of technical skill, but a symbol charged with meaning. The PobleNew Formigonera, with its concrete mixer design, became an icon that challenged the traditional perception of urban elements, transforming them into vehicles for artistic expression.

Miralda’s piece stood out for its ability to intertwine visual aesthetics with a profound cultural narrative. Through “The Ballad for a Stomach,” Miralda invited viewers to contemplate the transformation of Poblenou, a neighborhood that has evolved from its industrial past to an epicenter of innovation and creativity. The work was a tribute to this metamorphosis, using mobile lighting to illustrate the dynamism and constant evolution of the area.

In this outstanding moving light project, the key role was played by the technical assistance provided by Mapping World Lab. His expertise in creating and managing advanced lighting systems was essential in transforming artistic vision into reality. Mapping World Lab, with its dedication and technical precision, not only ensured the successful implementation of the project, but also elevated its visual and expressive impact, setting a new standard in the art of moving light.

La Formigonera del PobleNew, more than a simple work of art, became a symbol of the capacity of art to incite change and reflection. In an era where technology and art are at a point of convergence, works like this one demonstrate that moving lighting can be much more than a tool: it can be a medium for storytelling, a channel for cultural expression, and a bridge between the industrial past and the digital future.

In short, “The Ballad for a Stomach” not only illuminated Poblenou during Llum BCN 2022, but also illuminated minds, inviting a new era of artistic appreciation where mobile lighting plays a central role.