Creating Unique Experiences

Dance Mapping Show, Flamenco

Discover the magic of our Interactive Dance Shows, where the tradition of flamenco merges with the innovative art of dance mapping. Perfect for festivals and corporate events, we design unique experiences in Spain and take them to global stages. Immerse yourself in a world where dance and technology come together to create a show like no other.

Videomapping game

Immerse yourself in an adventure of colors and strategy with our interactive game. Four giant buttons – green, yellow, red and blue – await you on the floor, each linked to a video of the same color. Demonstrate your skill and memory by following the color sequence accurately. As you progress, the challenge grows. Ideal for groups of up to four players, this interactive experience is fully customizable for your event, with video mapping or interactive screen options. Get ready for a vibrant and fun-filled challenge!

We offer two versions

  • Projection Mapping
  • Interactive display

Violin show mapping

Experience the perfect harmony between music and visuals with our Violin Concert and Videomapping. We adapt the repertoire to the theme of your event, creating a unique audiovisual experience. Ideal for in-person, hybrid or digital events, our show combines the elegance of live violin with stunning visual effects, ensuring an unforgettable emotional and visual impact.

Dance Mapping

Immerse yourself in a show where dance and videomapping merge in perfect harmony. Our Dance Mapping offers breathtaking aerial choreography, meticulously coordinated with captivating visual effects. The precision of the dancers is complemented by stimulating audiovisual effects, creating a profound impact on the audience. Experience a unique aerial dance performance, meticulously directed and produced by SACUDE, that redefines artistic and technological expression.

Body Mapping

Transform your body into a living art canvas. Our innovative approach tells stories through dynamic projections on the skin, combining images, videos and sound effects to create a captivating visual narrative.

Perfect for events such as birthdays, weddings and more, our custom videomapping wraps the human body in mesmerizing visuals. We design every detail to create an unforgettable sensory experience that will delight everyone present.

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At Mapping World Lab, we specialize in transforming every event into an unforgettable audiovisual experience, we believe in the magic of merging art and technology. Our shows, from aerial dance with videomapping to innovative body mapping, are the result of creativity and technology. Each presentation is a story told through stunning visuals and meticulous choreography, designed to captivate and excite your audience. Visualize a dance performance that harmonizes every gesture with captivating visual effects, turning the stage into a vibrant canvas of artistic creativity.

Think of an event where the human body becomes an animated painting, telling stories through images and sounds projected directly onto the skin. These are just some of the unique experiences we offer, each tailored to the specific needs of your event.

At Mapping World – Lab we create unforgettable moments through audiovisual experiences. Our customized approach means that every detail of your event is designed to reflect your vision and message. Whether for a product launch, a corporate celebration or a special occasion, our audiovisual shows are the perfect tool to communicate and excite.

We take care of capturing the interest of your audience from the very beginning, weaving a deep emotional connection that extends far beyond the event. With Mapping World Lab, your event becomes a complete sensory experience, one that your guests will not forget.

Our audiovisual show services include creative design and conceptualization, technical production and event coordination, ensuring that every aspect of your show is executed to perfection.

If you are looking to impact your next event with an audiovisual work of art, Mapping World Lab is your ideal partner. Contact us today to start creating an unforgettable experience together.