Audiovisual Shows

Personalized audiovisual shows for your event!

Violin show mapping

Violin show accompanied by visuals. We offer different musical themes depending on the event. Audiovisual show with live violin, for face-to-face events, hybrid events and digital events.

Interactive projection mapping

Interactive videomapping based on the classic “Simon Says” game. It consists of 4 giant buttons of different colors (green, yellow, red and blue), which are placed on the floor.

The player will have to follow the order of the colors using their weight to operate the buttons . The game will propose a sequence that will increase as the player is able to remember and repeat exactly the proposed order. It is a dynamic activity, which can be played by one to four players at the same time and allows new game dynamics. It proposes a game accessible to any public, encourages the use and appropriation of public space through dynamics that stimulate memory and learning.

We have two options; one for facades and exterior and the other for interior and smaller projection dimensions.

Body Mapping

Use your body as an animated painting, tell a story through images, videos and sound effects. Ideal for a birthday, a wedding or any event. We use the videomapping technique to project onto human bodies and create stories that communicate with the audience.

The content is 100% custom-created from an idea, objects and interaction between the body to be projected and the visuals. It is a sensory experience that everyone will enjoy

Dance Mapping

Videomapping coordinated with the dancers’ movements and the rhythm of the music. An aerial dance show, a visual support that increases the impact on the public due to the precision of the dancers and the audiovisual stimuli.

A unique aerial dance show directed and produced by the SACUDE company.

Dance Mapping Show, Flamenco

The best flamenco dance mapping shows available for festivals and corporate events.

We create in Spain. We perform all over the world.

Do you want your next event to be unforgettable? If so, you should consider hiring a company that specialises in customised audio-visual shows. These events are truly unique and will have your guests talking about them for weeks. By incorporating stunning visuals and amazing sound effects into your show, you can create an experience that your guests will never forget.

Violin show mapping

Violin show accompanied by visuals. We offer different musical themes depending on the type of event, such as in-person events or hybrid events that are digital in nature but take place anywhere.
A violinist will perform for your guests along with an audiovisual production that includes live footage of them playing while listening through headphones, so that it looks like you are right there with him/her as well, regardless of where these performances take place.

Boddy Mapping

With our videomapping technique, you can take any image or video and project it onto yourself to tell the story. This is perfect for events such as birthdays, weddings etc. where people want an animated image with sound effects to tell their own personal story.

Dance Mapping

Videomapping is a co-ordination of movement and rhythm to deliver the best possible show. The precision of these aerial dancers is enhanced by the visual support where we see them up close, as well as everything that goes into creating an amazing production, from the lighting cues to the performance of each dancer on or behind the stage.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your event truly unique with custom audio visual shows. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

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