Projection mapping

We create incredible surroundings using the 3D projection

Projection mapping

We create incredible spaces with the three-dimensional projection of audiovisual content. With 3d mapping we help you create incredible spaces, outdoors or indoors, so that your event offers a first-rate artistic experience

Do you want to impact your audience? Our three-dimensional projection system to recreate images, generates sensations between reality and fiction, interacting directly with the people who observe it. And it is that, thanks to the advanced technique of video mapping, we have the possibility of transmitting amazing messages through animations, images and games of light.

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Micro mapping

We can transform your ideas into an immersive spectacle

Communicate your ideas through video mapping. A spectacular combination of visual and audio effects attracts your audience, assuring better feedback. In Mapping World-Lab, we create audiovisual content which we project on the buildings’ facades and diverse architectural structures. Using our technique, you will be able to deliver your message to large audiences. Thanks to the specific 3D video mapping instruments we use, we can create optical illusions and engage the spectators in different shows and animated experiences.

Indoor projection mapping

Thanks to the 3D video mapping technique we use, we can project your images in interiors. We are specialists in re-creating fantastic shows in closed spaces and interiors.

We use 2D and 3D projections, set up from different angles, to achieve a tri-dimensional effect. This is an ideal method to create a profound and impactful interaction with spectators. In Mapping World-Lab, we can bring your ideas to life most appropriately and stylishly to attract your audience.

Interactive projection mapping

Playful and shared-experience shows where the result is always different.

You can use interactive audiovisual projections to create a dialogue with the audience. Interactive games improve video mapping user experience. In Mapping World-Lab, we create projections that respond to the stimuli from the audience. The person who interacts by using a device or by their presence, navigates the projection on how to move, what colour to use or what song to play.

Projection mapping​

Have you ever seen a projection that seems to come to life? That’s the magic of videomapping. This technology can be used to create stunning three-dimensional projections that can communicate amazing messages. Through careful animation and lighting design, we can create illusions that are truly breathtaking. If you are looking for a way to convey a message in an innovative and exciting way, videomapping may be the perfect solution for you. Contact us today for more information.

We have a wide range of services to suit your needs. From small and large format projections, sales conventions with in-house projections or product launches, we offer the perfect solution for any occasion! Whether it’s an outdoor event, a concert, requiring the projection of holograms onto buildings to make them look like real-life scenarios… Mappingworld-lab can help.

Building mapping

Building mapping is one of the most popular uses of this technique and always produces spectacular results. It is common to see these maps projected onto historic buildings, such as cathedrals commemorating important events in a city’s history, where they are used both aesthetically by projection designers who want an innovative approach with their designs, while providing context about what happened at certain times, depending on where you are in those stories that are told through the images alone.

Advertising mapping

In recent years, Vans, Audi and Coca Cola have used advertising mapping to promote their products. It’s a new trend that is catching on with many companies as it helps them reach different audiences for specific campaigns, which translates into more sales.
Artistic mapping
The most popular form of mapping is artistic mapping, which can be used to create volumes and abstract shapes on geometric objects such as cubes. It has also been done more historically to create historical settings with this type of technique.

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