Videomapping Icebar

This collaboration took place with one of the most innovative bars in Barcelona, ​​ICEBARCELONA. Specifically, it is a bar that reaches 5 degrees below zero inside. It offers the public an ice-covered room, with sculptures hand-carved by international sculptors. And therefore, the whole place has a theme and entertainment line that revolves around low temperatures. Thus, the objective of the project was to create a video mapping for the interior in accordance with the idea of ​​cold and icy atmosphere, but at the same time modern, that ICEBARCELONA offers.


For this interior video mapping project, the Mapping World-Lab team carried out a preliminary study, to know very well the needs of our client and develop the idea according to their objectives.

The The result was a fixed and easy-to-use video installation that projected our video mapping work on one of the walls. In conclusion, this interior video mapping was perfectly integrated into the setting and animation of the main hall of ICEBARCELONA.

video mapping interior

How do we do it?

>> Development of the idea: Considering that the ICEBARCELONA promises ‘fun below zero’, our video mapping design to project inside, had to be in agreement. To achieve the result we use the technique of motion graphics, VFX and Veomapping 3D video.

>> Technique: The installation of the video mapping indoors required coordination with suppliers of technical equipment for its assembly at ICEBARCELONA.

>> Client: ICEBARCELONA, known for being the first ice bar on the beach in the world.

>> In collaboration: Saulo Pisa. This renowned DJ has been creating and mixing eclectic, electronically-based music since 1999.

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