We transform your idea to the next level TECHNOLOGY - ART - AUDIOVISUAL DESIGN

Specialized in the creation of high-impact audiovisual experiences.


Audiovisual installations

We fuse cutting-edge technology and art to create unique audiovisual experiences. We offer high-impact user experiences.

We offer solutions in:

immersive installation
Espectaculo flamenco Videomapping Proyecciones en paredes Proyeccion de video Mapping interactivo Proyecciones 3D

Audiovisual shows

Specialists in the creation of visual and technical content for audiovisual shows.
We create exclusive shows that capture the essence of your event. Creativity in design and conceptualization.

We offer solutions in:

Creative lighting

We use light and technology to transform spaces to elevate the visual experience, add layers of meaning to creations and provide spaces that inspire innovation and artistic expression.

We offer solutions in:

diseño de iluminación arquitectónica
Experiencia Inmersivas Realidad virtual Museo inmersivo Experiencia inmersiva Tecnologia AR VR para eventos Experiencias inmersivas en eventos

Projection mapping

We transform any space into a unique and unforgettable experience through high impact visual projections. Make your event stand out with videomapping technology and create memorable moments!

We offer solutions in:

Audiovisual content

From virtual worlds and immersive scenarios, we create high-impact audiovisual content.

We offer solutions in:

escenario musica Hifi negrometal2


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We transform moments into unforgettable audiovisual experiences. At Mapping World Lab, each pixel comes to life to immerse you in a magical universe of videomapping and interactive technology. We design each experience thinking about big brands, exclusive events, cultural and artistic projects. Whether at a corporate event, a shopping mall, a museum or on the big screen, our visual art creates deep and memorable connections. Come and discover how we take the ordinary to an extraordinary dimension.

Revolutionize your space with our state-of-the-art audiovisual solutions:

  • For Big Brands and Exclusive Events: Our Interactive Installations not only capture attention, but invite the audience to transform their reality, creating a unique interaction with your brand.
  • For Museums and Cultural Experiences: Our Immersive Experiences are journeys into bespoke worlds designed to educate and enchant, taking audiences on an unprecedented visual journey.
  • For Film, TV and Production Companies: In Technical Production, every detail counts. We offer technical perfection that enriches every project, ensuring that each scene meets the highest standards of visual and technical quality.