Creative Lighting

We are a creative studio that integrates technology and art. Creative lighting plays a crucial role in our projects. From art installations to fixed installations, each element is designed to enhance the visual experience.

Custom lighting design

Development of customized solutions

In our studio we understand lighting as an art that is able to transform spaces and enhance emotions. Our Custom Lighting Design service can make your project shine in a unique and memorable way.

Diseño de iluminación personalizada
instalación y configuración de iluminación personalizada

Installation and configuration

Integration of technologies

Implementation of creative lighting systems, including installation of equipment, programming of LED lights, configuration of projectors and other devices such as sensors.


The light is alive

Lighting services for special events, such as art exhibitions, multimedia shows, temporary installations and concerts.

eventos mapping world lab


At Mapping World-Lab we combine technology and design to create innovative lighting spaces. We seek to integrate light as an artistic tool that complements and enhances the user experience.

We adapt creative lighting projects to each artistic or technological project, creating environments that enhance the presentation and appreciation of the works.

We use advanced technology, projections, programmable LED lights, and other innovative elements to add layers of complexity and dynamism to creative spaces.

We design lighting systems that allow quick adjustments and changes in the atmosphere of the space, giving clients the freedom to experiment with different environments according to the creative and technical needs of each project.

We integrate interactive elements into the lighting, allowing them to respond to external stimuli, such as movement, sound or even audience interaction.

We create immersive environments through the use of lighting that envelops the viewer in a complete sensory experience, amplifying the narrative or artistic message.

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