The time machine

On this occasion we had the opportunity to participate in the Girona International Mapping Festival (FIMG). It is a festival focused mainly on videomapping on building facades, and of which this edition was dedicated to landscapes. The event is held in open spaces, so the influx of spectators is abundant. It is an international benchmark because it is done every year with the intention of combining the richness of local architecture with the innovation and technology of the audiovisual arts. During the three days that the event lasts, a significant number of artists and professionals from the audiovisual sector meet to show and disseminate their creations. In addition, this edition coincided with the III International Mapping Contest and the II Girona International Mapping Congress. In short, it is a great show that encompasses the entire city, filling the streets of Girona with light and color.


The production we presented from Mapping World-Lab was titled The Time Machine.

We created a videomapping to project on the facades of buildings with a very specific narrative thread, it was about the history of art and its reinterpretation in public space, from the cave paintings that we find in caves, to reaching a hypothetical future where there would be new forms of buildings and urban landscapes. With this videomapping we obtained the second prize in the amateur category.

videomapping FIMG Gerona


The development of the final mapping was achieved through:

>> Development of the idea: Telling the history of art in 5 minutes was not easy. For this reason, we spend a large part of the time thinking about the visual narrative that we would use to project the resulting videomapping on the facades of buildings in Girona.

>> Content development: We use the Motiongraphics technique and special effects

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