Hotel Eilat

The new spaces of the exclusive Club Eilat Hotel resort, became scenarios full of color, where our different mapping projection designs were the main protagonists. The project arose from the reactivation of different spaces in the Club Eilat Hotel, located on the coasts of Israel and with impressive views of the sea. The various 3D projections we designed for this event were scenes for various concerts and plays throughout the summer.


Our client’s creative brief called for the mapping projection creations to be impressive and eye-catching, to captivate the more than 2000 people who attended the event every day.

To do this, the Mapping World-Lab team studied the structure of the two facades and developed a chromatic design in line with the architecture of the enclosure and the aesthetics of the natural environment of the site. The surfaces on which we projected the different mapping projection designs had a spectacular size of 50 meters wide by 30 meters high. Thanks to this, we managed to generate an environment of great visual power, which was the ideal complement for the best party nights in Israel.


How do we do it?

>> Development of the idea: To achieve the spectacular effect of turning two of the facades of the Hotel Eilat into architectural pieces from another time, we used motion graphics, 3d videomapping and video animations.

>> Technique: An important part of the creation process was the development of a model that would give us a clear idea of ​​how the staging of the mapping projection for each of the parts that made up the event would look like.

>> Coordination and logistics: Being a project located in Israel, the biggest challenge was developing a technical logistics program to ensure that everything was ready on the day of the event.

>> Client: Merlin Group Multimedia Technologies.