Videomapping lumen

The project arose from a proposal for the Sitges Lumen Festival, where the best projection mapping artists and professionals got together. We were given the privilege and were invited by the festival to participate in the event. The objective of the festival was to draw the medium of video-mapping closer to people and combine centennial architecture with a modern audiovisual technique.


During the two days of the festival, the visitors could admire projection mapping of different themes and designs on local centennial architecture. We projected on one of the most emblematic buildings in the town, Saint Bartolome Saint Tecla Church.
Our projection mapping projection, which we realised just under the epigram saying “We desire peace”, gave colour, depth and motion to the facade of the church. 

sitges guia playa
videomapping sitges sitgesfestival

Technical development

To reach the expected result, the following tools were used:

>> Content development: The festival in question had a very clear philosophy and objectives. Therefore, the development of the content had to be aligned with those parameters.

>> Content development: In order to project in emblematic architecture we use techniques such as Motion Graphics.

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