Videomapping Sa Tuna

This interactive videomapping project allowed us to be part of the celebration for the 70th anniversary of the Hotel Sa Tuna. Mapping World-Lab was invited by this renowned hotel on the Catalan Costa Brava, due to our trajectory and the quality of our previous projects.

The idea of ​​making a videomapping for their anniversary came about because it was a very special event for them, and they intended to celebrate it in style. With this show, they wanted to achieve a greater interaction with all the visitors, and leave a pleasant memory in them.


One of the premises on the part of the hotel for the construction of our interactive videomapping, was that the visitors get involved in the show.

For that reason, our proposal was to develop a game. Therefore, the result was the creation of different visual pieces that were modified when people stepped on or jumped on mats arranged on the ground. In short, our videomapping managed to generate a very familiar and happy atmosphere for all the participants of the event.

interactive mapping 1
sa tuna

How do we do it?

The result of our interactive videomapping was obtained by developing the following points:

>> Content development: We created the content thinking about how to make an interactive video mapping that was in line with the summer environment and with the particularities of the architecture of the area.

>> Technical logistics: The development of the technique for this interactive videomapping was achieved thanks to the coordination with different technical providers.

>> Development of animations and interactives: The content was created from motion graphics techniques and 3D animations

>> Development of interactive videomapping: We used an interactive interface for “heavy use” so that all attendees could play with the mapping.

>> Client: Hotel Sa Tuna

>> Interactive mapping: Alvaro Muñozledo and José Manuel Berenguer.
Music and production: Murakamist.

>> Mastering: Carlos Peña.
Documentation and montage video: Vicenç Viaplana.

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