Dance Mapping Show Flamenco


A new approach to flamenco with contemporary languages that proposes a staging that fuses dance and video art. The choreographic rhythmic ensembles and visual design create a show full of color, strength and impact that is sure to surprise your guests as well as the potential of using the corporate image to leave a lasting memory of a unique experience in the minds of the spectators. It is a highly attractive show that maintains its roots in the deepest tradition and will appeal to international audiences of all ages and genders.

If you need to offer something different with the use of dance, Mapping World Lab can make it happen.

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Show Flamenco Experiencias Audiovisuales Diseño de experiencias audiovisuales
Experiencias Audiovisuales Diseño de experiencias audiovisuales, Animaciones para eventos, Tecnología de videomapping

How do we do it?

  • Idea development:From mapping world we work with the latest technology to offer an innovative show suitable for corporate or private events, gala dinners, conventions…
  • Technique: Using motion graphics, VFX and 3D animations. We managed to capture the essence of flamenco, giving the choreography a great visual impact.
  • Performer: Betiana Barros
    Musical production and composition: Cristina López
    Guitar: Toni Abellán for credits