Every year the Belvedere brand of the Moët & Chandon Spain group holds an exclusive private party. This annual event means a lot to this brand. For this reason, every year, it seeks to innovate in everything related to the show and decoration. In this case, we were tasked with creating innovative audiovisual content that was up to the task of the party.


We started an unprecedented new format at Belvedere parties with a videomapping mix proposal to project throughout the night. This is how we started to work on the brand and understand the essence of our client.



>> Development of the idea: One of the first steps is to know what you are going to talk about in the projection. In our case, we analyze the context of the annual party, the brand and the type of guests. To do this, we develop preview renderings to study the viability of the ideas planned for projecting.

>> Content development. Contact and coordination of suppliers.

>> Client: Moët & Chandon, Spain

>> In collaboration: Saulo Pisa

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