Videomapping Danza vertical

The project that we carried out in collaboration with the SACUDE company, consisted of creating a videomapping for vertical dance, a show where choreographies are performed in the air. SACUDE dancers defy the laws of gravity through rhythmic and acrobatic movements executed in a dance performance that runs along the wall on which the mapping is projected. To support this air show, we use 3D projections accompanying the choreography with the aim of generating the interaction between body, space, video and music.


Our proposal was to create a videomapping coordinated with the dancers’ movements and the rhythm of the music. In this way, we gave the aerial dance show a visual support that will increase the impact on the public. We use 3D projections, because they are the perfect complement for this type of dance performance. And in addition, audiovisual stimuli generate a great impact on the public.

Videomapping Danza vertical

How do we do it?

To achieve a spectacular effect between aerial videomapping with vertical dance, we follow the following points:

>> Development of the idea: In the direction of the vertical dance company SACUDE, the Mapping World Lab team developed the storyline that the 3D projection will follow.

>> Technique: Using motion graphics, VFX and 3D animations. We managed to capture the essence of the dance show, giving the choreography movement, depth and color that elevate their movements to another level. All this, adjusting perfectly to the tempo and timing of the show.

>> Logistics coordination: This phase was very important, since the vertical dance numbers of the company require a fairly complex logistical setup. To carry out this assembly, we used a route map that would allow us to locate each of the movements in space and time, and in this way, generate a perfect synchronization.

>> Client: SACUDE, an aerial dance company, whose shows not only impress, but also alter the mood of the public that watches them.