Videomapping pescara

This project was an initiative of the municipality of Pescara, Italy, to transform public spaces through architectural videomapping.


We were awarded the historic Palazzo Arlecchino, called ‘harlequin’ due to its particular aesthetic, since its façade is decorated with monochrome mosaics. For eight days, the projections on the facades of buildings in Pescara, formed a very attractive audiovisual set.

The architectural videomapping with which Mapping World-Lab participated, covered the facade of the singular building with a series of audiovisual projections under the motto and theme “A plastic World”, because we think it is important to contribute to raising awareness about the environmental crisis , but from an artistic point of view. Finally, during the days of the videomapping festival in Pescara, more than 20 thousand people were able to see our production, in which we combined striking color shapes fully synchronized with the background music.

videomapping pescarafestival pescara 2017

How do we do it?

The team developed the architectural videomapping, using some of the most advanced video projection techniques:

>> Development of the idea: We created a script for each of the projections on buildings at the Pescara festival. Therefore, the script helped us to coordinate, in an aesthetic way, the times, colors and animations of our architectural videomapping.

>> Script development: each of the projections in buildings entailed the preparation of a script that would aesthetically coordinate the times, colors and animations.

>> Motion graphics and 3D techniques were used for the projection.

>> Client: Pescara Mapping Festival.
>> Agency: Share City
>> In collaboration: Alessio Chinni
>> Original music: Fukada Tree

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