We carried out this videomapping project for La Terrrazza, one of the reference spaces in electronic music in Barcelona. Every year during the summer, the space welcomes a great variety of DJ’s and with an important participation of the public. For this reason, every year they renew their facilities with the idea of ​​surprising and innovating for the public. The challenge for Mapping World-Lab was to create an easy-to-use video installation to set the mood for the cocktail area.


When we carried out this project it was necessary to start by explaining to our client what motion graphics is. Many times they are clear about what they want, but not knowing what term to use, they ask us questions such as: how can I make an animated video, or do I want to make a video installation. In this case, part of Mapping World-Lab’s work was to explain to La Terrrazza that the motion graphics technique with after effects obtains that type of production.

The result was to create a videomapping to transform , through colors and shapes, a concrete environment. That is, create animated projections to modify the appearance of the space. In this way, we are able to give the cocktail area a totally new, fresh and lively air. Thanks to the possibilities offered by videomapping with motion graphics, we were able to create an easy-to-use fixed video installation that captivated all visitors. In short, we created an impressive audiovisual narrative in accordance with the electronic environment of the place.



The videomapping result was obtained from:

>> Development of the idea: We thought about the context where all the digital art was going to be developed and the type of people who would be present during the videomapping projection.

>> Content development: motiongraphics and video mapping techniques to create an easy-to-use fixed video installation.

>> Client: La Terrrazza

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