40 meters of screen

TravelPerk, an important travel management platform founded in Barcelona, ​​recently moved its offices to what was previously known as Torre Agbar, now Torre Glòries. For that reason, the company organized a welcome party to celebrate this important change for them. Among other entertainment options, they especially wanted to have a video mapping show that will entertain throughout the evening.


Many of our clients ask themselves the question “how can I make a video to spread my brand? At Mappping World-Lab we have a variety of technical and creative resources to produce video animations in 2D and 3D, such as the technique motion graphics, which was the one we used on this occasion.

The result of this project was spectacular, because it was a video projection that stretched over a surface area of ​​40 meters long. From Mapping World -Lab we proposed a video mapping design with a minimalist theme, according to the style of the brand and of this corporate party. For that reason, we made use of motion graphics animations, video effects and 3D objects.



The result of the video mapping was achieved by developing the following points:

>> Technical logistics: We developed the technical study of the event to find out what possibilities the space had, and create the video installation based on it. In this way, we concluded that a video mapping of large proportions would achieve the effect we were looking for.

>> Layout creation: The Torre Glòries has a particular circular shape, which made it possible to achieve an enveloping effect, but we had to take that structure into account when projecting the video mapping. For that reason, we did a previous layout, to capture the projection and check the viability.

>> Graphic development: We use 2D animations with the technique of motion graphics and 3D objects.

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