Architectural Lighting Design


The creation of a 3D model, followed by its incorporation into a real-time animation system, is essential to provide clients with a detailed and immersive visual representation of the final project.

This visualization not only improves communication with the customer, but also makes it easier to make real-time adjustments, such as changes in color or light position.

This instant adjustment capability not only streamlines the design process, but also improves decision making by allowing those involved to visually understand the impact of proposed changes, contributing to the efficiency and accuracy of the creative and design process.

diseño de iluminación arquitectónica
diseño de iluminación arquitectónica nueva

How do we achieve this?


  • Creation of the 3D model of the building
  • Visualization of the 3D model in Unreal, where changes are applied


  • Architectural lighting assembly and programming
  • Online monitoring system

Client: La caixa dels Enginyers