Scenic Video

In this project we developed a scenic video for the multidisciplinary company Residual Gurus. The video was designed to be projected on stage during the company’s new show, Origen. The central idea of ​​this scenic piece addresses the holistic conception of the human being. From the most primal and earthly, to the ethereal idea of ​​the existential plane. Our visual narrative proposal wanted to collect the essence of the project through videos that interacted with the show’s dancer. The resulting mix of music, live video and dance was the perfect aesthetic complement to project the company’s unique and eclectic personality to the public.


We use the technique of motion graphics and special effects (VFX) and 3D. Thanks to this, we made the scenic video we designed for Origen interactive. This means that it was synchronized with some movement sequences of the dancer.

The basic idea was to project a mixture of animated videos in real time. This mix was perfectly coordinated with the lighting and music of the performance, as well as with the members of the group. The end result was a very impressive show, since, together, we managed to offer a very particular artistic stage setting.

Residual Gurus video escenico

How do we do it?

To reach the expected result, the following tools and techniques were used:

>> Development of the idea: Together with the members of Residual Gurus, we generated a script, which covered both technical and artistic aspects, for the scenic video that would give life to the company’s new show.

>> Technique: For the creation of visual content, we use motion graphics techniques, interactive video, closed circuit and 3D images, all mixed in real time.

>> Staging: The audiovisual installation was crucial to give the stage the desired appearance.

>> Client: Residual Gurus