RGB LED panel

La Terrrazza is one of the busiest electronic music clubs in Barcelona. Every year, it renews its facilities and introduces different elements to create avant-garde and surprising environments. The challenge for Mapping World-Lab was to create an installation proposal with a panel of LED lights, which would integrate the spirit of the space with the music it programs, and which would be in line with the branding of the place.


From Mapping World-Lab we wanted to combine different disciplines to impact the visitor. For this reason, our proposal was to put LED lights as the protagonists of the night.

Therefore, we created an outdoor structure, where a 16-module panel with LED lights was installed. In addition, the design was intended to play with the combinations of the different RGB lights that simultaneously interact with the video.

panel instalacionRGB videoreactivo 5 768x512 2
panel instalacionRGB videoreactivo 4 1024x575 1


The development of the final product was achieved through the following tools:

>> Creation of the idea: Without a doubt, the first step was to specify the idea we had and study its viability.

>> Development of preview renders: The rendering phase is one of the most important. So we could see how the installation of LED lights would look.

>> Contact and coordination of suppliers.

>> Programming and assembly

In collaboration: Saulo Pisa

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