We carried out this project for Utweak, an avant-garde brand of custom adjustable furniture design. We use motion graphics for the realization, since it is the technique that best adapts to what our client needed.


From Mapping World-Lab we managed to capture the most important points of the process and reflect them in a corporate video.

Thus, in the result we combine many graphical and animated representations that clearly explain the operation of Utweak’s business. Thanks to the most advanced techniques of 2D and 3D motion graphics, we were able to balance professionalism and simplicity that characterizes our client.

splash page 1
splash page

Technical development

The development of the final product was achieved through the following tools:

>> Motion Graphic: We use motion graphic to provide graphic explanations to the project. In this way, we managed to understand perfectly the operation of tailor-made orders.

>> Active part of the briefing with the client.

>> Client: Utweak

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