Video 180º

We carried out this project for the exclusive Belvedere party, of the Moët & Chandon Group that is held every year in Spain. On this occasion, our animated video was screened during the event, which featured the special participation of Marky Ramone, a member of the musical group Los Ramones. Our goal for the Belvedere party was to create a decorative proposal that was in keeping with the magnitude of the space and the elegant theme that characterizes the renowned champagne brand Moët & Chandon.


Our proposal for the Moët & Chandon Belvedere party was based on designing an animated video mapping that was projected throughout the venue. The result was a sequence of projections that generated an enveloping light experience, directed towards all directions of the place and covering all surfaces. In this way, both the walls and the ceiling were filled with color and movement, giving the audience the sensation of being immersed in different environments.

fiesta belvedere video belvedere MarkyRAmone 1

How do we do it?

The animated video that we made for the Belvedere party was developed through the following tools:

>> Development of the idea: The first phase of this videomapping project was one of the most complex. After weighing several alternatives, we concluded that a 180 ° projection would be the ideal option.

>> Development of preview renders and technical assembly: The next important step was to create the renders to specify the final staging.

>> Content development: Creation of 2D and 3D Motion Graphics. Finally, an exhaustive coordination between suppliers and assembly personnel was ordered.

>> Client: Grupo Moët & Chandon Spain
In collaboration with Saulo Pisa, DJ and creator of electronic music.

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