Interactive video mapping

The interactive videomapping with which we work at Mapping World-Lab, is based on the classic game “Simon Says”. The game consists of 4 giant buttons of different colors (green, yellow, red and blue), which are placed on the ground for the user to interact with them.


The player will have to follow the order of the colors using their own weight to operate the buttons. The game will propose a sequence that will increase as the player is able to remember and repeat exactly the proposed order. Interactive videomapping is a dynamic activity, which can be played by one to four players at the same time. It proposes a game accessible to any public, encourages the use and appropriation of public space through dynamics that stimulate memory and learning. Our interactive video mapping is 100% customizable. We adapt to the theme of your event and we can also guide you to create the content that best suits your target audience.


It is proven that interactivity produces a higher rate of engagement with the target audience. This means that when an event uses the interactive videomapping technique, it will allow the viewer to spend more time exposed to your message.

The game is a very effective way to position the brand image or the message that is being communicated. Since, by interacting with that message in an active way, the player will keep a pleasant memory of that moment in their memory for a longer time.

interactive videomapping

How do we do it?

>> Development of the idea: Being a 100% customizable videomapping, it is only necessary for the client to give us some guidelines. You tell us what idea you have and we create and adapt the content.

>> Technique: We use an interactive team, that is, it reacts with the stimuli of each player.

>> Coordination and logistics: To develop this type of project, the Mapping World-Lab production team will gather all the necessary elements to tell your story from beginning to end.

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